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Johnny Hitman@Club Function, Malmö

Samstag, 20.03.2010

Johnny Hitman wurde eingeladen, in Malmö auf der Club Function zu spielen.

Die Club-Funktion wird von den Scheiben-Sammlern und Djs Helena Strömdahl, Jonas „Jonte“ Lindell, Jonas „Joppe“ Odhner und Sebastian „Bastian“ Fonzeus veranstaltet. Sie feiern 1 Mal pro Monat ihre Party im Babel in Malmö.

Gäst-DJs: Johnny Hitman (Soulkombinat,D) & Lasse Bång (M-ö)
Resident-DJs: Helena, Jonte, Joppe & Sebastian

Babel, Spångatan 38, Malmö, Schweden, Eintritt: 100kr (80kr studentleg)


Mixe der Club Funktion:

Mix von Club Function Resident Dj Helena

Carolyn Crawford – If you move, you lose – PIR
Diane Jenkins – I need you – Creative Funk
Flairs – You got to steal it – RAP
Eugene Jefferson – A pretty girl dressed in brown – Open
Tenth Dymentions – The bushman – Sapphire
Rayfield Reid & The Magnificents – Dynamite party – Ken-Tone
Ralph & The Wasters – Sweet meat – Emase
Esther Williams – Last night changed it all – Friends & Co.
Gary Toms Empire – Love me baby – PIP
Harold – Shortage of love – Je-Har
Khemistry – I can’t lose with the stuff I use – Columbia
T.M.S. –Get the feeling – Showcase
“C” On The Funk – In the disco – Sweet Thang
Grey & Hanks – Gotta put something in – RCA
James Knox – Let the music move ya – Masterpiece
Maurice Moore & Family Affair Band – Everything that shines ain’t gold – Marjon
Jeanette Holloway – I won’t be around – Dash
Dee Dee Warwick – Where is that rainbow – Mercury
Mitzi Ross – I’ll do more for you baby – Cougar
Hollywood Attractions – The name of the game – Sugar Shack

Mix von Club Function Resident Dj Sebastian

Pride Passion & Pain – Feel So Good – ASSOCIATED (unissued acetate)
Jessie James – Move On Out Of My Way – TRU-SOUL
Shirlean Williams & The Tempo’s Band – This Is A Song – ELVITRUE
Tommy McLain – Knock Knock Who’s There – AMERICAN PLA-BOY
Public Company – Got To Touch Your Face – RCA
Bobby Dobyne And The Barefacts – Soulful Sound Of Music – CROWN LTD.
L.J. Reynolds – Intruder – MAINSTREAM
Billy (The Kid) Emerson – Every Woman I Know – CHIRRUP
Edward Hamilton And The Fifes – Call Me – JAMECO
Dusty Wilson – Can’t Do Without You – BRONSE
Charles Allen Music – We Got Love – EJA
Lew Jiggs Kirton – Hold On To What You Got – VERDITH
Fantastic Soul Inventions – Bim Sala Bim – ARIS ITALY
Master Force – Don’t Fight The Feeling – RAIN FOREST
Wil Collins & Willpower – Anything I Can Do – BAREBACK
China Burton – You Don’t Care (About Our Love) – LOGO UK
Bobby Thurston – Very Last Drop – EPIC UK
Antwans – Ain’t No Love – SNAWTNA
Ike Strong – I Owe My Life To You – BAMA
Shirley Lawson – One More Chance – BACKBEAT
Duke And Leonard – Just Do The Best You Can – STOMP TOWN
Tyrone Davis – What If A Man – ABC
Sounds Of The City – Stuff And Thangs – SOUNDS OF THE CITY
Joey Irving – What’s The Use – VINCENT
Varetta Dillard – That’s Why I Cry – RCA
Steve Alaimo – Happy Pappy – IMPERIAL
Steve Parks – Still Thinking Of You – REYNOLDS

Alle Mixe: http://iloapp.clubfunction.com/blog/www?Home&category=1

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  • Herr Porinski 17. März 2010, 01:12

    ich habe grade die playlist überflogen und muss sagen, dass ich den track aaaabsoooolut liebe: Khemistry – I can’t lose with the stuff I use. grandioser 80iger song!!! besser kann´s gar nicht mehr gemacht werden. gute wahl von dj helena. musthavedancefloorstuff!

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