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Dj Spinna: Journey Sunday Sessions – All Vinyl Episode One

Neuer Dj Spinna Mix mit einer sehr schönen persönlichen Message am Anfang. Play Loud!!!

Er schreibt:

Sometimes it’s hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that we’re living in such a virtual
world when it comes to music, especially new music. I don’t want to believe that I’m just some
kind of old school fool that can’t get over my vinyl addiction. I have friends who downsized
their record collections due to space which is understandable, but for those with space, the idea of wanting to convert their entire collection to digital and then ridding themselves of the wax is inconceivable to me. I don’t get it!

On the contrary, I love Serato. It allows for the traveling DJ to have their library with them at all times, ready for any situation. Sometimes though, I get lost in that digital realm and I miss the feeling of digging in the record boxes and identifying music by labels and artwork. Before using Serato it was even worse for me with CD’s. Carrying up to three books or more of CD’s with a gang of typed up track listings all over the place. CD’s going bad on you due to wear and tear, and constantly having to rip and burn new music all the time. Plus for me, being a multi genre DJ, you could never have all your music with you using CD’s. It became a nightmare!

Life seemed much simpler when it was just wax. Vinyl is still the best sounding format. It’s the original way music is supposed to be heard. There’s a human element to it. It makes sense that when the needle reacts from those microscopic wiggly lines in the grooves and those subs in the speaker boxes tremble in response, your body moves accordingly. It’s all physics, it’s all physical.
I love music. I have to get it any way I can. If I purchase a download of a particular song that becomes available on wax, I’ll still buy the wax if I really love the song. I gotta feel it.

This mix is an all vinyl edition. Not a single mp3, aiff or wav file used. My laptop was disconnected. Every record in the mix was purchased from one of the last standing record stores in Brooklyn New York, Dope Jams. Luckily for me it’s in my hood… well being the addict that I am I’m not sure if that’s a good thing, (pause). You can check them out at Dopejams.net. They also do mail order. If you’re an open minded progressive thinker, you’ll love their selection. I even got some killer sought after classics in their used record bins, one of them being the last track in this mix.

I’m thankful that some artists, producers and label owners still consider vinyl a viable format. It doesn’t sell as much as it used to years ago, but obviously there are other people in the world who share my sentiments. Listen to the words spoken by Nathaniel X on the first track in the mix. My feelings are the same brother, wherever you are! Long live the underground.

I don’t usually like doing track listings but I’m making the exception this time to support the vinyl cause!


Title/Artist/EP Title (where available)

1. Gotta Get Over 2010 – Jer & Iz – Nathanial X Project
2. In My System – The Gathering
3. Track 4 – Kerri Chandler – Core 1994
4. Window Seat (Guy Robin Underground Mix) – Erykah Badu
5. Slightly (Mike Huckaby Remix) – Losoul
6. It Is What It Is – Fred P – Semesteres II
7. The Sun Can’t Compare – Larry Heard Presents Mr. White
8. Night Lights – The Oliverwho Factory
9. Grandes Orgues – I:Cube
10. Tribal Gathering – Bolla
11. Move On feat Duchy – Kay Suzuki – Opening EP
12. Love Harmonic (Carl Craig Soundscape Remix) – Mirko Loko
13. Ambush – Culoe De Song
14. Deja Vu – Jephte Guillaume presents Wiltrud Weber
15. Hyper Ballad (David Morales Classic Mix) – Bjork
16. Arise – Anthony „Shake“ Shakir
17. Turned On To You – 80’s Ladies

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