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Cut Chemist Mix – Sound Of The Police

Es ist ein neues Album von Cut Chemist herausgekommen: The Sound Of  The Police. Ein amtlicher Live-Mix (!) mit Afrobeat und Brasilo-Groove. Natürlich scratcht und mixt er die Tunes  voll im Groove. Es war übrigens der gleiche Abend, an dem auch Quantic sein geiles Afro-Set „From Addis to Axum“ spielte, das ich hier schon letztens vorstellte.

Auf der Bandcamp-Seite von Cut Chemist kann man den Mix als Stream jetzt hören. Heavy Rotation!!

Cut Chemist schreibt:

„This CD contains African and South American inspired music from around the world. It was construced for the first of Mochilla’s Timeless series on February 1st, 2009. I had the privilege of performing this set opening for Mulatu Astatke which was his very first Los Angeles appearance. I recorded the rehearsal using the best parts of multiple takes. This live mix was performed using one Technics turntable, one Rane mixer, and a Boss RC50 loop pedal. Only original 7 inch and LP pressings were used. Special thanks to everybody at Mochilla for having me part of this historic event. Shout outs to Egon and Quantic for the opening sets and ongoing inspiration.“

Track listing
1 Jungle Beat
2 Water Is Not The Enemy
3 Strictly Voodoo
4 Poly Rhythm
5 Nigeria To Niagara
6 Ajo
7 Arabian Cumbia
8 Nighting ale
9 Aqua bella
10 Povo De Santo
11 Ethiopian Skank
12 Stuck in Sudan
13 Coast 2 Coast
14 Pedal to the Bongo
15 Just The Drummer
16 Adidas To Addis

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