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Sampler: Groove Merchant turns 20

Vor 20 Jahren eröffnete der Groove Merchant Plattenladen in der Haight Street in San Francisco auf. Dort wurde auch das Luv N’Haight and das Ubiquity Plattenlabel gegründet. Zum Jubiläum hat Chris Velti, der Inhaber des Groove Merchant Plattenladens in Zusammenarbeit mit Luv N’Haight eine abwechslungsreiche Compilation mit 14 Tracks zusammengestellt, die von Soulful Disco bis Funk Folk reichen.

The point of the album (and the store) isn’t just to be obscure, or to present only super-expensive jams (although many are included.) The point is to put together a compilation that presents the eclectic outlook of a friendly, well-stocked record store, which is run by music enthusiasts. This is a shop where the only “in-store” you’re likely to catch is a conversation about dope psychedelic Korean funk jams, fueled by a pack of Negro Modelos. That free-flowing, easy-going vibe carries over into the selections on this album.



1.The McCrary – Emerge
2. Ron Forella – Crystals
3. Twilight – Straight To My Heart
4. Numonics – You Lied
5. Jodesha and Star Ride – The Answer
6. April Fulladosa – Sunlit Horizon
7. Rod Abernethy – Ron and Eddie Blues
8. September – Stump
9. Lois Johnson – Be Mine
10. Frankie Gee – Date With The Rain
11. Round Robin – Our Love Is So True
12. Arthur Foy – Get up and Dance
13. Soul Liberation – Who Is Your Friend
14. Pataphysics – Nick Danger
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