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Holy Water mit Carlos Souffront aus Detroit

Donnerstag, 03.02.2011

Die nächste Party von Hunee und Anita – Holy Water – steht in den Startlöchern. Das Konzept: House-Musik, internationales Booking, wechselnde Location, strictly Underground, D U R S T.

Diesmal haben sie Carlos Souffront aus Detroit eingeladen, der seit Jahren im Underground Detroits unterwegs ist, dort eine Radioshow macht und sehr elektronisch-deep spielt. Wieder ein Top-House-Event für Music-Lover!

Hunee schreibt:

No secret, who’s about to tell us the story diverges into a collision, a reality that might end up away from the front page of Techno city. We are looking forward to back pages, notes and scratches, wet inks and delicate illustrations. Every beat is a magma reservoir, erupts as often the thrillers of unpredictable tensions, from fiction to non fiction, all sentences pitch to loose keywords. No absence of his character is also crucial on the Midwest’s underground Dance collision, where Carlos has established his “Detroit mainstay” thresholds the time story of analog machines mixing the ‘A to Z’ of Chicago’s Acid sound. But is love his main pressure housed in Ann harbor’s WCBN-FM, broadcasting since 1995 the dance sources and resources, material that is made for lights, heat and sound, sensitive to any step.
Watch out, library lights off!

Hier ein noch Interview mit Carlos Souffront.

Hört seinen Sound in diesen Mixen von der Universitäts-Radiostation WCBN-FM:

Carlos Souffront@Substance Nights, 25.01.2003 im Fink Club, Pt.1 + 2 http://www.substancenights.com

Carlos Souffront visits Substance Nights. pt 1 by Holy Water + Dance or Fly

Carlos Souffront at Substance Nights. pt 2 by Hunee


Donnerstag, 03.02., 23 Uhr, Chez Jacki, An der Schilling Brücke (hinter der Maria)

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