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Soundtrack „Black Goddess“ auf Soundway

Soundway bringt eine interessante Afro-Jazz Platte wieder auf den Markt, die lange Jahre nicht erhältlich war: Den Soundtrack zum Film Black Goddess vom nigerianischen Regisseur Balogun. Der Film wurde 1978 in Brasilien gedreht (aus finanziellen Gründen? Oder aus politischen?), der Soundtrack in Lagos mit namhaften nigerianischen Jazzmusikern aufgenommen. Der Titeltrack ist auf jeden Fall exquisit!

Black Goddess (from Black Goddess 0ST) by Soundway

The soundtrack from Ola Balogun’s film

Soundway Records are proud to present the original soundtrack to Ola Balogun’s legendary movie ‘Black Goddess’ from 1978. The film was written and directed by Balogun (recognized as one of Nigeria’s most renowned directors) but shot and cast in Brazil.

The soundtrack, Soundway’s deepest venture into experimental afro-jazz, was composed and produced by one of Nigeria’s most successful and original musicians Remi Kabaka (who has played with Steve Winwood, Paul Simon, Paul McCartney and Ginger Baker amongst others).

The record was originally issued in both Nigeria and Brazil, but recorded in Lagos, using four of the Nigerian music scene’s most innovative players: Remi Kabaka himself, alongside Biddy Wright, saxophonist Dele Okonkwo and Mono Mono frontman Joni Haastrup.

The resulting soundtrack created by these prestigious musicians is a truly unique and experimental afro-jazz recording that has been out of print for many years, until now.


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