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Cut Chemist/Tom Fitzgerald: Tunnel Vision Trailer

Hier ein Trailer für Tunnel Vision, eine Tour von Cut Chemist mit den Rappern Mr. Lif und Edan zusammen mit dem Cut Chemist Haus/Tour Videomixer Tom Fitzgerald. Geilstes Bildmaterial, perfekt geschnitten!

Cut Chemist presents TUNNEL VISION trailer from A Stable Sound on Vimeo.

Hier zwei Trailer für die DVD „Echo Party“ Movie von Edan und Tom Fitzgerald (Regie):

As if it were possible, Edan adds even further color to his newest release, Echo Party, with Edan’s Echo Party Movie, an energetic visual expression of his music. Produced/directed by Tom Fitzgerald, Cut Chemist’s go-to video man who works also for Cinefamily in L.A., Edan’s Echo Party Movie is a fast-paced, retro conglomeration of unrelated and interesting video clips from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s that prove to be like a Sour Patch Kid for the eye.

Cut in perfect harmony with Edan’s music, the movie is an ideal synch for Echo Party’s multi-elemental vibe where, using Traffic’s extensive back catalogue of old school hip-hop, Edan mixes, reworks, and adds layers of his own instrumentation to create an eclectic blend of psychedlia and beats. The movie cuts in and out of old Indian/Bollywood films, spray painting graffiti artists, children operating computers, vintage ads, risqué cartoons, and everything in between.

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