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Can You Dig It?@Kaffee Burger

Freitag, 28.10.2011

Can You Dig It?

Live Konzert und Party

The Floorettes live www.floorettes.com

Marc Hype (mpm rec./soulclap!)
Sabrina Golian (soulkombinat)

One night in Berlin that you’ll never forget that easy! The wonderful Floorettes will perform a fabulous live set ‚till midnight and afterwards the Soul Couple Marc Hype & Sabrina Golian let your hips shake ‚till the break of dawn!

Be there or be square!


22:00 Uhr, Tanzwirtschaft Kaffee Burger, Torstr. 58/60 – Berlin Mitte, U2 Rosa Luxemburg Platz

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  • Marc Forrest 31. Oktober 2011, 19:31

    yo, klasse, schön verpasst das ding. suuuper.

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