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Lars Bulnheim-Mix für Soul-Sides

DJ und Sammler Lars Bulnheim aus Hamburg hat einen sehr entspannten Soul-Mix für die hervorragende Musikseite Soul-Sides gemacht.



Rhythm Machine: Whatcha Gonna Do * Rodan
Walter Lewis & The Blue Stars: I Have Love At Home * Maplewood
Purple Snow: Down By The River * Saquarius
The Brothers Unique: Heavy Days Beautiful World * Spectrum Sound
James Monroe: far Down * C/Up
Patrice Rushen: Everything Has Got To Be Alright * Da*Vi*Da
Total Experience: Contradiction * TTE
Strivers Show Band: Love Episode * Strivers
Techniques: Disco Jungle * Techniques
Portrait: Love You From Now On * Acetate (Edit)
Cix Bits Band: I Can’t Turn Myself Around * Haze
Southern Comfort & Friends: It’s In my Letter * Sun City
Formula I: Walking With My Eyes Closed * Du-Vern
The Grooms: Slow Down * Shiptown
Jus’ Us: Just Us Together * Anthonette
Double O’s Demingo’s: Color One Tear Black Part 2* Split
Bobby Baker: Everything Has Got To Be Alright * Da*Vi*Da

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