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Neue Binky Griptide auf Daptone: „The Stroll“

Binky Griptide - The Stroll (DAP-1043)

Der sympathische Gitarrist der „Dap-Kings“, Binky Griptide, hat eine neue Single herausgebracht: The Stroll pt.1 & 2.

Another slab ‚o soul from Dap-Kings guitarist/emcee Binky Griptite who never fails to put the show in showmanship. In this uptempo cracker about the world’s oldest profession, Griptite waxes on the pros of the con and the cons of the pro. The Dap-Kings shift into high gear behind his high-octane vocals, and the energy grows and grows until it reaches a moment of complete frenetic abandonment in the squeals of a horn solo. It collapses back down to a nasty simmer only to climb back up to bedlam again for the finish, making this a perfect go-to platter for the DJ finding themselves in the throws of climaxing dancefloor movement.

Don’t miss the instrumental Pt. 2 on the flip where TNT and Binky blow dueling guitar solo’s over a deeper alternate version of The Stroll.

Interessant, wie Daptone die Platte auf der Frontpage bewirbt:

Binky Griptite’s newest 7″ platter is gonna be huge! Go ahead and order yours now. Make sure to get 2 or 3 so you can trade.

Es ist das, was mich am Sammeln nervt: Geschäft, Gewinn, Vorteil. Wettbewerb.

The Stroll
The Stroll pt.2

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