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Neue Bamboos Single: Turn it Up with Lyrics Born

The Bamboos aus Australien haben ja eine neue LP in Arbeit, und vorab ist nun schon mal eine neue Single rausgekommen, die sie zusammen mit den Kalifornischen HipHoppern Lyrics Born gemacht haben. Wird sicher auf Partys zünden! Turn it Up!

Leider erstmal nur als mp3-Download erhältlich.

Vorhören im Etch Shop Player.

Packing some serious party muscle, The Bamboos’ new single, “Turn It Up”, sees the Aussie kings of funk enlisting the vocal stylings of Californian hip hop sensation Lyrics Born.

The seed for this explosive collaboration was sown in a radio interview on Australia’s national JJJ Radio, when Lyrics Born declared on air that of all the artists he’d like to work with at the moment, The Bamboos were top of the list. Sensing something special on the way, JJJ got straight on the phone to Bamboos main man Lance Ferguson (Lanu), hooked the pair up and away they went – and this surefire party anthem is the result.

A fiery brew showing scant regard for genre boundaries, this track is already causing a stir with fans of hip hop, funk, rock and pop alike, so whatever your stylistic leanings, if you’re a sucker for a catchy mother****er, “Turn It Up” will have its wicked way with you.
Not yet available on any other release.

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