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Quantic pres. Flowering Inferno + exklusive Mixe

Es ist ein neues Album von Quantic presents Flowering Inferno herausgekommen, das zweite mit dieser unnachahmlichen Mischung aus Reggae und südamerikanischen Rhythmen: „Dog With A Rope„.

Tru Thoughts schreibt:

An album inspired by soundsystem culture but widened out far beyond just reggae and dancehall styles ‘Dog With A Rope’ is a Tropical soundclash – encompassing a heavy bass and reggae aesthetic alongside the Tropical dance-orientated music from Cuba, Puerto Rico and Colombia.

While lots of DJs are currently playing both classic and obscure old reggae, funk and Cumbia, Holland noted that not many people are currently making new music of this type and building on these styles in a modern way, so with his signature combination of faith in the past and hunger to push forward, with this album he strove to make the connection.

He recorded the album in his Sonido Del Valle studio in Cali, Colombia, the city he has called home since his relocation in 2007.

Die LP kommt mit einer 45er Bonus Platte und in der ersten Auflage mit der CD, was ich persönlich großartig finde, denn so ist der Sound portabel und auch am Computer hörbar. Dieses Konzept verfolgt das Label Tru Thoughts ja bei ihren Neuveröffentlichungen schon länger. Vorbildlich!
Um die Platte zu bewerben, wurde der kalifornische Radio-Dj Jeremy Sole (KCRW) beauftragt, einen best of Quantic Mix zusammenzustellen. Gelungen!!

Lo Mejor y Sabor de Quantic (by Jeremy Sole) by Tru Thoughts

Ich habe dann noch einen Quantic-Mix vom letzten Jahr gefunden, der mir durch die Lappen gegangen war, aber zum Glück immer noch auf  vtech.phones.com zum Download angeboten wird: „From Addis to Axum“. Quantic legt in L.A. Scheiben für Mulatu Astatke auf, die er auf seiner Reise durch Äthiopien gefunden hatte. Hochgradig empfehlenswert auch der Mix von Cut Chemist (hier im Stream zu hören).

The Timeless Concert Series wasn’t just a series of stunning performances. All the shows were framed by our favorite DJs. From Madlib to J.Rocc to DJ Nuts and more. Cut Chemist even raised the bar with a one turntable romp!

For the Mulatu show, Quantic brought along something very special .

In 2004 Quantic, Miles Cleret and B+ went to Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia to find records and meet with Mulatu Astatke. It was there and then the first thoughts of bringing Mulatu to LA were hatched. So it was fitting that Quantic came to LA to DJ for Mulatu and brought with him records almost all found on that first unique trip.

Ethiopia has many musical traditions indeed not all of them have made it to vinyl. But those chunks of plastic contain some secrets that you really have to go to Addis to find. Trawling ebay is never the same as a trip to East Africa.

Quantic made that trip. And at the Luckman Theater on February 1st, 2009 he buckled everyone in, and took us on a one hour flight back.  Here is his DJ set in its entirety. Don’t be alarmed by the crackle, that’s what 30 plus year old records sound like.

The Sounds of VTech / Quantic’s Mulatu Show Mix

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